Acrylic Tape
Acrylic Tapes are offered with optimum adhesion to various substrates. These are offered with good aging properties and advanced UV resistance. These versatile products can be effortlessly sticked to the surfaces. 
Packaging Tape
The operation of the Packaging Tape is consistent due to their advanced adhesion. These tamper-proofing products are proffered with manageable footprint. Availability in different lengths is one of the attributes of the offered tape.
Tissue Tape

The Tissue Tapes we deal in are recommended for the mounting of light objects. These are utilized to paper, plastic, laminate cork, and textiles. Offered tapes boast of good functional life and enhanced functionality.

Masking Tape
The Masking Tapes are the pressure-sensitive strips, having a thin layer. These are suited for painting walls and can mask off the particular parts, which have been not painted.

Bag Sealing Tapes we deal in are the fast as well as economical ways to seal the poly bags. These are also used to bind the produce bags. The tapes can be wrapped around the neck and are useful for marking as well as labeling the content.

Cross Filament Tape

Offered Cross Filament Tapes are the non-tear able as well as reinforced tapes. These are suited for closing as well as reinforcing the shipping cartons. The said tapes are useful for the bundling as well as strapping of heavy goods.

Eva Foam Tape

The Eva Foam Tapes have availability in different thicknesses. These are suited for stationery, die-cut, refrigeration etc. The tapes are functional as the impact preventing materials, utilized in advertising the sign board as well as plates.

Floor Marking Tape

Floor marking tapes are special adhesive tapes, utilized to create aisles and mark the hazards. Also, these are useful to divide the spaces and provide directions. Offered tapes are useful in industrial as well as manufacturing facilities.

PVC Insulation Tape

The PVC Insulating Tapes supplied by us are made up from soft PVC film. These are primarily suited for electrical insulation purposes as well as the binding of magnetic coils, electrical tools, production of automobile harness etc.

PVC Tape
Highly applicable for packaging industry, PVC Tapes boast of high tensile strength. They are highly useful for logistics, shipping and the industry of inventory management. These are also helpful for the insulation of electric cables.

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